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Silence concealed in ornamented confidence whispered boldly – quality and construction like no other.

Lavoisier aims to create permanent fashion and timeless garments. With that, aesthetics are key components, specifically with Jackets and Sports Coats, double vents are necessary while adjustable waist straps are necessary for Trousers. Double vents allow you the comfortability to reach in your back pocket without the entire jacket rising and adjustable waist straps allow for a clean line from head to toe without any breaks of a belt.

Contact us to get started with your custom made suit, sports coat, custom made vest or shirts. We are located in New Orleans.


Through rigorous training by the Custom Tailor and Design Association (CTDA) headquartered in New York; measuring, blue pencil, alterations, style, custom shirts and fabric knowledge were attained and will be used to create your made-to-measure garments.

Lavoisier Custom Suit Made-to-Measure

Custom Suits

Lavoisier Custom Vests Made-to-Measure

Custom Vests

Lavoisier Custom Jackets Made-to-Measure

Custom Blazers

Lavoisier Custom Shirts Made-to-Measure

Custom Shirts

For Business

Our array of fabrics give you the flexibility to stay in the board room as well as meet colleagues for cocktails after hours.

Your Style

Personal style is not about fashion and an unyielding set of rules but rather finding your personalized instruction with the proper proportion and color. Our customization process allows you to choose the exact customizations you want for your garment.

For Weddings

Our wide selection of formal fabrics and styles gives an added benefit to your made-to-measure garments for your special day.

Your Way

From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, we construct your custom suit, sport coat, vest or shirt the way you want it. It all starts with an appointment at our New Orleans office. Have questions? Give us a call at 504-210-6979.

Custom vs Off-the-Rack

Multiple Options
The client will choose from an array of buttons, jacket styles (single or double breast), lapels (notched or peaked), belt loops or no belt loops, cuff or plain bottom to name a few.

Personal Touch
The client is the CEO and will make all decisions for their made-to-measure garment.

Made to Fit You
The measuring process consist of approximately 30 measurements to properly determine the correct fit for the garment.

The client will choose from over 1,000 fabrics that are imported from the finest fabric mills in the United Kingdom.

Our Cut, Make and Trim (CMT) House has been in business for over 25 years. The garments take 20 days to construct and once completed are sent through a rigorous inspection process to ensure superior quality and expectations have been met.

Interior Lining
The client will choose from over 100 interior print and solid linings to add an additional personal touch to your made-to-measure garment.

The client will choose monograms for their shirt, interior of the jacket and underneath the collar is so desired.

Collar Felt
The client will choose from over 25 colors of felt to be placed on their made-to-measure garment.

Let's Get Started!

Lavoisier is ready to provide a made-to-measure garment for you.

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